About Trike Riot

TRIKE RIOT is the latest installment from Sack Lunch Productions, which brought you a thousand foot water slide down city streets (Slide the City), a sky full of stars (The Lantern Fest), a party of color (Color Me Rad), and mud pit madness (The Dirty Dash). Sack Lunch continues to create innovative events and stay on the cutting edge of fun.  TRIKE RIOT is the latest and greatest event to hit the pavement. You won’t want to miss these three wheels!


Webster defines a TRIKE as “a tricycle.” FYI the Urban Dictionary has a very different take on Trikes (parents beware!)

We guarantee Webster had no clue just how awesome riding a tricycle could be!  These trikes are certifiably fantastic; think of the Barbie or GI Joe one you had as a kid.  If you thought riding around a cul-de-sac was fun you are in for the ride of your life on these.

TRIKE RIOT has partnered with the one and only RAZOR to bring you the best Trikes ever made.  And hey, if you disagree you can still bring your own and have a blast.  As long as it has three wheels that roll YOU are in. The brighter and more outrageous the better.   There’s nothing wrong with having the DeLorean of the Trike world.


Set primarily in urban landscapes, Trike Riot provides a unique experience of your city and surrounding areas.  We close down city streets and you get the opportunity to cruise on three wheels around the city—going over obstacles or just cruising with the top down.   All this fun culminates at the finish line where there are food trucks, live music, and people showing off their skills.