Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trike Riot all about?

What is Trike Riot?

TRIKE RIOT is a supped up family ride based on that magical three wheel trike you used to cruise around on in your neighborhood.   We’ve got the gear, the goods, and course.  So strap on and giddy up because you won’t want to miss this 5k trike ride coming to a city near you.

Is there an age limit?

As long as you can ride a trike you can participate in Trike Riot.

Do you have a charity?

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity

Can I participate if I have medical issues or am pregnant?

If you have a preexisting health condition, we advise you discuss possible participation with your doctor. We discourage participation if you are pregnant or have heart, neck, or back issues or injuries. There is always a chance you can be bumped into by another rider, fall off your trike, or be knocked off your trike. If you have any specific questions about safety precautions, you can email us at

Is Trike Riot Safe?

Trik Riot is for all ages. Rough housing is not allowed at the event. If you can control your trike you should be safe. We recommend a helmet and close toe shoes for the event. You will be riding on sidewalks, bike paths, and roads like you did when you were a child, was that safe?

What are the rules for Trike Riot

Close toe shoes, No rowdy or disruptive behavior. Helmets must be worn by participants under the age of 1\

This is my first Trike Riot, what do I need to know?

Well welcome to your first Trike Riot.  Just know you don’t need to be an olympian or ironman to participate.  We don’t time the event.  We encourage all ages shapes and sizes to come participate.  Everyone should have fun riding the trikes.  You will see all different types of people riding.  There are pitstops along the path for resting, getting a drink, and fixing trikes.

What kind of Trikes is used?

TRIKE RIOT has partnered with the one and only RAZOR to bring you the best Trikes ever made.  And hey, if you disagree you can still bring your own and have a blast.  As long as it has three wheels that roll YOU are in. The brighter and more outrageous the better.   There’s nothing wrong with having the DeLorean of the Trike world.

Where are the events held?

Set primarily in urban landscapes, Trike Riot provides a unique experience of your city and surrounding areas.  We close down city streets and you get the opportunity to cruise on three wheels around the city—going over obstacles or just cruising with the top down.   All this fun culminates at the finish line where there are food trucks, live music, and people showing off their skills.


What’s included in my registration?

Depending on what type of ticket you purchased you will get something else:

Ticket Type 1 –  Ticket plus discounted Trike
            -Trikes will be shipped to the event for you to pick-up
Ticket Type 2- Ticket (bring your own Trike)

How much does it cost?

See your local location page for current registration pricing. The earlier you register, the cheaper the cost!

Is there a kids price?

Nope, all riders (young and old) pay the same price.

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

Registrations are non-refundable, but fully transferrable. You can give to a friend, a neighbor, or a little sister eager for tubular selfies. Selling to a complete stranger is also optional.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Login to your account HERE and modify the information (name, email, shirt size, etc) on your ticket to the new person. Yes, it really is that easy.

Can I change my wave time?

If there are multiple times available for your ticket type you can log into your account HERE and see if there are any other times slots available, if so you are welcome to select another time.

When is the latest I can purchase tickets?

Procrastinators, rejoice! You can register online up until the event date. Should there still be spots available, you can also register at the event. That said, the earlier you register, the cheaper your registration price, and some locations will sell out!


Trike Pick-Up

What’s included in my registration?

Trikes can be picked up at Registration the day of the event.  We will have staff on hand to help you put the trikes together.  The trikes take about 30-45 minutes to assemble.  All the tools will be provided.  Please arrive an hour before your wave time to assemble your trike.
There is also an option if you want the trike shipped directly to your house before the event.  Its kinda pricey but with all the extra time you will have on the trike prior to the event how can you afford not to use this option?

Event Day

What time should I arrive?

Participants show up an hour before their wave time for the “Assembly Party” and put together their trikes.  Staff and volunteers will be on hand to help you with the assembly if you are mechanically challenged.  Each purchased Razor comes with their own tools and instructions, but we got you if you need us.  Moms plan on a solid 30 minutes to put a trike together; Dads you’ll spend 40 minutes doing it unless you have Mom’s skill.  There will be music, food, and drink available during this party.  We will also have entertainment (street performers, tricksters, etc.) and free give aways.

What do I wear?

·       A helmet is recommended.
·       Closed toe shoes as well as some thick soles, just in case you have to slow down with your feet.
·       Costumes are always fun.
·       This is an active event so you may sweat a bit.  Wear something that you don’t mind sweating and working out in.
·       Yes jeans are ok too.
·       Modest is Hottest.
·       A Smile
What are the rules for Trike Riot?
Rule number 1 DON’T CRASH.  If you are going to crash put your feet down to stop yourself.  Obey the staff.  Obey the traffic signs.

Can my family and friends come watch me ride?

Definitely! We just ask that they stay behind the fencing/caution tape for safety purposes. We also ask them not to gather at the Garage so as not to create a blockage for riders.

How do the wave times work?

Streets have limited capacity and you need some room to ride…so everyone will be broken up into waves of every 15-20 minutes.  Once your trike is assembled you’re ready to ride. You can ride like the wind or crawl like a turtle. So don’t sweat the small stuff just cruise

Is there a competitive heat, and a casual heat?

Early Times: The first 3 hours of the non-competitive race is all ages. Bring granny or your little tot and give it a go.  All ages are welcome provided they can reach the pedals and move them.
Later Times:  The last 3 hours of the event are geared more towards adults. Move the tots and grannies out of the way because tricksters and thrill seekers are coming through.
What if I get tired? Can I take a break?
The Pit Stops along the course are for water breaks.  We will also have staff members at each Stop to help fix bikes if anything needs attention.  These Pit Stops are for everyone and don’t cost anything extra.


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